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Living and teaching English in Viet Nam: the opportunity for the native teachers

It’s clear to understand why teaching English in Vietnam is our program with the quickest growth. The nation is stunning, has a rich culture, and has relatively affordable living expenses. The hardest part of going to Vietnam is deciding where to live because there are options for everyone.

locating a new residence

Whether you like it or not, living in either the North or the South of Vietnam has some noticeable contrasts. They resemble separate countries altogether in several regards. Many foreigners who move here have to make a significant decision. Do you choose to reside in the year-round north or the perpetually warm south?

Sadly, it’s not as easy as weather variations. There are numerous features of life in both areas that will strongly influence your choice. It’s also quite challenging to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of these variances. This is primarily due to the fact that advantages and disadvantages are subjective and personal.

Which region is better for living in really doesn’t have a clear-cut answer. You should find out where is truly appropriate before having to make this crucial decision.

  • North of Viet Nam:

There are four seasons in the north. Autumn, winter, spring, and summer. The northern summer, which lasts from May through August, is fairly comparable to the southern summer. It’s rainy and really hot. In the north, temperatures soar to 33 degrees and humidity levels might reach 90%. Uncomfortable is an understatement.


Vietnam experiences its heaviest rains at this time. As fall arrives between September and November, the heat becomes more bearable. Less rain falls because of the decrease in humidity, and the weather is gorgeous overall. Most of the time, the sky is fair and clear, and you can begin donning your favorite pair of jeans. We say farewell to the clear skies and sunshine as November gives way to December. The temperature drops dramatically, and an atmospheric mist blankets the days. It gets downright cold, 15 degrees. It is rather gloomy, which makes it appealing to people who like winter.

23 degrees are significantly warmer in March when the area starts to enjoy the sun once more. In the North, spring is magnificent, much like fall. You may put away the sweater in favor of a t-shirt because gray skies are no longer a thing of the past. Ideal for someone who likes to dress warmly and experience seasonal change.

  • South of Viet Nam:

Nearly every day of the year, the south is quite hot. It only has two distinct seasons: rainy and dry. Never falling below 20, the temperature stays about 30. Between May and November, there is still a significant amount of rain, with July being the wettest month. In contrast to the north, there is typically virtually little indication that the heavens are about to open. It will fool you.

The South has rapid and strong rain. There are often flash floods. The good news is that you don’t have to be concerned about it raining all day. Similar to the North, the South experiences high levels of humidity during the rainier months, making it hard to be outside before storms arrive. It’s fairly typical for there to be 90% humidity. During the dry months, the area’s humidity decreases and the temperature rises to a much more tolerable level.

  • What to think about

Mountains covered in lush greenery and wide-open spaces abound in the north. A national park is never too far away. You can understand why so many visitors and expats are eager to visit when you consider that places like Ninh Binh, Sapa, Mai Chau, and Hai Giang are only a bus ride away from the region’s capital Hanoi.

Also abundant in stunning scenery is the south. In the south, white sand beaches and palm trees are never far away. Most people are drawn to places like Nha Trang, Da Lat, Phu Quoc, and the Mekong Delta. All locations are easily accessible from Ho Chi Minh.

  •  Ho Chi Minh City (Sai Gon)

The majority of foreigners who live in Vietnam choose to do so in one of the two largest cities. The cities themselves are quite distinctive and have their own advantages and disadvantages. Ho Chi Minh City is a vast concrete jungle pulsing with the energy of a dynamic city. The city has numerous distinct neighborhoods that provide a wide range of cultural experiences.

District 1 is teeming with unique and popular stores, making it a shopper’s paradise. Additionally, there are bars and restaurants on every corner, making it difficult to stay idle. Backpackers who come to the city to experience its nonstop nightlife are also drawn to District 1. A celebration is never too far away.


District 7 is a more laid-back neighborhood with lots of commercial and residential structures. It is particularly popular with foreign nationals who opt to reside in the city and is home to a number of different international schools. There are numerous interesting museums and tourism destinations spread all over the city. You may try using the metro or a Grab bike to get about the city.

The short of it is that there is always something to do in this metropolis. HCMC can be the place for you if you enjoy the bustle of a major metropolis and the sense of a constant energy.

Earn money for your travels by providing English lessons here

One of the most satisfying experiences one may have is participating in teach English in Vietnam program. It’s extremely laid-back teaching culture allows you to take time off for travel, and its high pay from $1200 to $2000 and low cost of living make saving money a snap. Many foreigners utilize Vietnam as their home base when traveling around Southeast Asia.

  • Hanoi

The lifestyle in Hanoi is more tranquil and environmentally friendly. The city is divided into different lakes, and the streets are lined with enormous trees. Many also claim that individuals in the North tend to be more laid back. It’s also really addictive if you decide to live here.

However, there is some crazy stuff in the city itself. Even though the roads are a little quieter, they are still incredibly crowded with bikes. Please don’t try attempting a city crossing during rush hour.

The Tay Ho (West Lake) and Hoan Kiem lakes tend to be the focal points of the city’s tourist and expat-friendly neighborhoods.

Around each lake are cafes, restaurants, and markets that provide a variety of activities. Additionally, there are a variety of museums, galleries, and other sites worth seeing. Hanoi is definitely the place for you if you enjoy a little quiet and open areas.

  • The Driving

It is common knowledge that driving in Vietnam may be stressful and chaotic. This is typical across the nation. However, there are a few minor variations. Compared to the South, the roads in the North can be trickier to drive on. This can be primarily due to the weather being more difficult on the constructed roads.

Additionally, drivers in the North frequently break the law. They may be more laid-back, or perhaps it’s just that the roads are a little quieter. For instance, in the North, it is normal for drivers to skip red lights, but in the South, most drivers wait before accelerating.

  • The Residents

The Vietnamese are exceedingly friendly, and this trait is present all across the nation. It’s not unusual to receive so many drinks that you can hardly stand up when invited to someone’s home for dinner.

Vietnamese people in the south are perhaps excessively welcoming, making it difficult to just refuse them. In contrast, people in the north do take rejection kindlier and have a more relaxed attitude.

Like most people, the Vietnamese are early risers—very early risers. By 5 a.m., the streets in the south are already crowded with people exercising, going to the market, or putting up their street food stands.

The streets in the north are typically not crowded with people until around 6-7 in the morning. This might have something to do with the varying weather conditions and seasonal variations in sunrise. Or it might simply be that the north is a little chillier.

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